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 Data-Driven Monetization

Unleash the Power of AI for Unmatched Monetization.

AdEngine, our AI-powered monetization platform, leverages over 100 real-time data points including user behavior, advertiser demand, and page speed. This ensures an optimal ad setup unique to each user, enabling Snigel to guarantee higher revenue for every impression you generate.

Dedicated AdTech Experts

Don’t waste time opening tickets in an anonymous support queue.

We provide a dedicated AdTech Expert to join your team. They will analyze your code base, traffic patterns, and Core Web Vitals to deliver swift support and proactive strategic advice.

  A Customized Ad Setup

Every website is unique. Every ad setup should be too. 

We ensure your ad setup is tailored to make the most of your user interface (UI), traffic patterns, and monetization goals. Unlock the full potential of your website’s ad monetization by trading standardized templates for a deeply customised ad strategy.

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Success Stories

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“Every website we partner with gets a dedicated ad operations expert from Snigel for ongoing guidance, support, and regular tech updates. Let us help you reach your revenue and user experience goals.”

Ela Fabjanczuk –  Head Of Ad Operations, Snigel

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