Ira Nikolaou

Ira is Snigel's Head Of Marketing. She supports our team and publishers by creating awesome guides on the latest adtech trends. Ira's background is in software development, communications, and media.


CPM Drop | Top 10 Reasons Your Ad Revenue Is Lower

CPM drop is a publisher’s nightmare. This is primarily because it’s hard to determine the cause of decreasing ad revenue. While no publisher sees their revenue constantly increase throughout the year, you should know the reason for those lows (and highs). Whether they’re caused by internal changes (website updates, new ad formats, etc.) or external […]

eCPM vs CPM – Everything You Need To Know As A Publisher

eCPM vs CPM – both are the two common metrics in the ad tech industry. Sometimes used interchangeably, these metrics are very different from one another. Publishers often get confused between CPM and eCPM. Mainly because they don’t know the difference, however, both metrics are highly beneficial once you know the difference and use case […]

(VIDEO) What is Header Bidding? The Definitive Ad Tech Guide 2023

Header bidding programmatic technology enables publishers to simultaneously offer their ad inventory to multiple ad demand sources, increasing ad revenue. Keep on reading to learn how you can benefit from this technology to boost your display advertising revenue dramatically. What is Header Bidding? Header bidding is a programmatic advertising technology that lets publishers simultaneously offer […]

AdX Reseller: Everything Publishers Need to Know in 2022

Google Ad Exchange (or Google AdX) is used by 71% of the market. This means 70% of ad inventory buyers and sellers are on Google AdX. Naturally, every publisher would want to use Google AdX. It is one of the best AdSense alternatives, has the best (high-paying) advertisers/brands, high competition, and advanced features, leading to […]

Ads.txt 1.1 Update – What Is ads.txt And Why Should You Use It

Ads.txt is a file that lives on your web server and tells programmatic buyers which inventory sources are authorized to sell your ad space. The IAB Tech Lab launched ads.txt in 2017 to combat ad fraud and increase transparency in the programmatic advertising ecosystem. In August 2022, ads.txt 1.1 was introduced – an updated version […]

25 Best SSPs for Publishers in 2022 – The Ultimate One-Stop Guide

The programmatic advertising industry has come a long way in the last few decades, and today, digital publishers have no shortage of ad tech providers to choose from. And for publishers that want to bring in more ad revenue (and who doesn’t?), supply-side platforms (SSPs) have become a popular option. That’s why there are virtually […]

What is Programmatic Advertising? The Definitive Guide (2022)

Although programmatic advertising has revolutionized the advertising technology industry, there are still some misunderstandings about how it works. This is the definitive guide to what programmatic advertising is, how it works, and how it will continue to evolve in the future. What is Programmatic Advertising? Programmatic advertising is the process of buying and selling advertising […]

What Is Bid Shading? The Ultimate Guide (2022)

Bid shading is currently a hot topic in the world of programmatic advertising, and with good reason. It offers advertisers an algorithm-based way of paying the lowest possible price for a publisher’s ad inventory. Bid shading algorithms are so effective that they enable advertisers to pay 20% less for impressions. But what is bid shading, […]

In-App Header Bidding – The Ultimate Guide 2022

Revenue experts estimate that mobile apps will generate a revenue of $935.2 billion by 2023. And, even though a recent study found that mobile users spent 88% of their time on apps, only 10% of app publishers monetize their traffic with advertising. What does that tell us? Apps have tremendous revenue potential. But how does […]

[VIDEO] The Best Google AdX Partners (2022) How To Select One

Are you looking to find a trustworthy Google Adx partner to help increase your ad revenue? It can be difficult to sift through the wide range of companies and the solutions they offer. In this post, we’ll cover: What to look for in a Google AdX partner or header bidding company How to find the […]

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