Ira Nikolaou

Ira is Snigel's Head Of Marketing. She supports our team and publishers by creating awesome guides on the latest adtech trends. Ira's background is in software development, communications, and media.


Google Ad Exchange: What It Is and How to Join

Google Ad Exchange (also called Google AdX or just AdX) is a marketplace where digital advertising space is bought and sold in real time. To join AdX, you can either set up and manage an account yourself or work with a Google AdX partner who will manage the account for you. Most companies choose to […]

What is Header Bidding? A Comprehensive Guide for Publishers

Header bidding programmatic advertising technology enables publishers to offer their ad inventory to multiple ad demand sources simultaneously. This increases ad revenue because multiple ad auctions take place at once, meaning more advertisers are forced to bid against each other, which drives up the price. While it’s helpful to understand what header bidding is, how […]

In-depth Guide to Google Certified Publishing Partners (GCPP)

Google Certified Publishing Partners (GCPP) have been vetted by Google to provide quality support to publishers using Google Ad Manager (including Google Ad Exchange), AdSense, and/or AdMob. In this guide, we cover what it means to be a GCCP, the benefits of working with a GCPP, how to choose the right partner for your needs, […]

8 Best Mediavine Alternatives to Earn More Revenue in 2023

Most publishers look for a Mediavine alternative because: They’re unsatisfied with the amount of ad revenue they’re earning. They want more control over how the ads are set up and managed. Their application was rejected (because they don’t meet the traffic requirements or for some other unknown reason). Whatever the case, it can be difficult […]

20+ Best SSPs for Publishers in 2023 – The Ultimate One-Stop Guide

The programmatic advertising industry has come a long way in the last few decades, and today, digital publishers have no shortage of ad tech providers to choose from. And for publishers that want to bring in more ad revenue (and who doesn’t?), supply-side platforms (SSPs) have become a popular option. That’s why there are virtually […]

5 Best Header Bidding Solutions (+ Factors to Consider)

Header bidding solutions let publishers take advantage of multiple demand sources (i.e., SSPs, ad exchanges, and ad networks) when selling their ad inventory. This increases the publisher’s revenue because the advertising demand sources bid against each other as they try to win ad impressions, which drives up the price. Just making the switch from selling […]

[VIDEO] The Best Google AdX Partners (2023) How To Select One

Are you looking to find a trustworthy Google Adx partner to help increase your ad revenue? It can be difficult to sift through the wide range of companies and the solutions they offer. In this post, we’ll cover: What to look for in a Google AdX partner or header bidding company How to find the […]

What is a PPID? The Ultimate Guide To Publisher Provided Identifiers 2023

PPID stands for Publisher Provided Identifiers. They are encrypted alphanumeric distinguishers that publishers or website owners allocate to users in order to identify the user. Publishers typically assign a PPID to a single logged-in user or a single identified user. The actual PPID value is unique and set by the publisher. While PPIDs have been […]

Ezoic vs Monumetric vs Snigel (Highest CPM, Cost, and More)

Ezoic, Monumetric, and Snigel all let you monetize your website traffic through header bidding, so it can be difficult to differentiate between them. In this guide, we dig into some of the key differences that may make one solution better for your website than the others. In short, if you’re looking for a highly customized […]

A Detailed Comparison of the Top 11 Ezoic Alternatives in 2023

Many publishers look for an Ezoic alternative because they want higher returns on ad revenue, a better user experience, more attentive support, faster load times, and more. One of the main disadvantages of Ezoic is that it’s a self-serve platform. Few website owners have the ad expertise, technical skills, or time to properly set up […]

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