Ira Nikolaou

Ira is Snigel's Head Of Marketing. She supports our team and publishers by creating awesome guides on the latest adtech trends. Ira's background is in software development, communications, and media.


Top 10 Ad Networks for Website Publishers (2024)

When choosing the right ad network for your website, there are many factors to consider: Type of Platform: “Ad network” is used to refer to many different types of ad solutions (e.g., ad exchanges, header bidding partners). However, there are significant differences between them that will affect your ability to use the platform and how […]

11 Tips on How to Increase Ad Revenue by 57%+

In order to increase ad revenue, the most important things to consider are: Customizing your ad setup to fit the exact needs of your website and users Choosing ad tech that can support these customizations with advanced ad layouts In this guide, we discuss 11 tips to help you achieve both of these goals. Along […]

What is Header Bidding? A Comprehensive Guide for Publishers

Header bidding enables publishers to offer their ad inventory to multiple ad demand sources simultaneously. This increases ad revenue because multiple ad auctions take place at once, meaning more advertisers are forced to bid against each other, which drives up the price. While it’s helpful to understand what header bidding is, how it works, and the […]

In-Depth Guide to Ad Platforms for Publishers in 2024

There are many different types of ad platforms for publishers including advertising networks, ad exchanges, header bidding partners, and more. Within each category of ad platform, there are important differences that affect how much ad revenue you’ll get — such as whether they pay per click or per impression, whether it’s a self-serve platform or […]

7 AdPushup Competitors: A Comprehensive Guide for Publishers

Most publishers who search for AdPushup competitors often do so because: They don’t qualify for AdPushup’s eligibility requirements, which stipulate a monthly minimum of $5,000 in ad revenue. They want a more supportive ad partner that offers support they can trust to take care of ad optimization, ad management, and any troubleshooting. In this guide, […]

How to Get a Google Adx Account: Two Options in Detail

There are two ways for publishers to access Google Exchange (AdX): By invitation: You can wait for the invite or reach out to Google support and ask them to evaluate your website. Through a Google AdX reseller like Snigel: A tool called Multiple Customer Management lets publishers who don’t have their own account access AdX […]

Google AdX vs AdMob vs AdSense: When to Use Each One

When it comes to publishers who want to earn money via ads on their website, Google offers three monetization solutions: Google Ad Exchange (AdX), AdMob, and AdSense. They all feature robust ad technology backed by Google’s network, and all three require publishers to abide by basic terms of use (i.e. garnering legitimate traffic through legal, […]

A Comprehensive Guide to 10 BuySellAds Alternatives for Publishers and Advertisers

Most publishers look for BuySellAds alternatives because: They’ve been rejected by BuySellAds. It could be because they don’t meet traffic requirements, the ad network doesn’t serve their vertical well, or another reason. They find setting up BuySellAds too complex, or they want a more managed service. They’ve heard that they can get higher CPMs and […]

14 Top Display Ad Networks by Type (for Publishers + Advertisers)

To host display ads, most publishers rely on programmatic advertising, in which ad inventory is auctioned off in the space of time it takes for a page to load. Though many people informally refer to all programmatic advertising solutions as ad networks, there are important differences between the different solutions that affect how much control […]

Ad Networks for Publishers: 10 Monetization Options

The right ad network is a great option to monetize your site, but ad networks are only one facet of the programmatic advertising ecosystem. Technically speaking, ad networks bundle publishers’ ad space to sell to advertisers; however, the term is often used casually to refer to any website monetization solution. In order to dispel the […]

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