Ira Nikolaou

Ira is Snigel's Head Of Marketing. She supports our team and publishers by creating awesome guides on the latest adtech trends. Ira's background is in software development, communications, and media.


In-App Header Bidding – The Ultimate Guide 2022

Revenue experts estimate that mobile apps will generate a revenue of $935.2 billion by 2023. And, even though a recent study found that mobile users spent 88% of their time on apps, only 10% of app publishers monetize their traffic. What does that tell us? Apps have tremendous revenue potential. But how does an app […]

[VIDEO] The Best Google AdX Partners (2022) How To Select One

Are you looking to find a trustworthy Google Adx partner to help increase your ad revenue? It can be difficult to sift through the wide range of companies and the solutions they offer. In this post, we’ll cover: What to look for in a Google AdX partner or header bidding company How to find the […]

Google Ad Manager vs AdSense – Which Is Best For Ad Publishers?

When it comes to the question of Google Ad Manager vs AdSense, it turns out that while both are powerful ad platforms that offer a high revenue potential, they differ in the manner they approach and manage ads. Google AdSense, for starters, is essentially an ad network that gives publishers a simple and easy way […]

What is First Party Data: Ultimate Guide For Publishers

The triple danger of new privacy legislation, the elimination of third-party cookies, and the development of tracking protection are forcing publishers to reconsider their data collection strategies. First party data collection can be the most straightforward strategy publishers can employ to keep up with the changes. What role will ad targeting play on the privacy-first […]

What Are AMP Ads? The Ultimate Guide For Publishers 2022

AMP ads, which are otherwise known as AMPHTML ads, are specialized mobile-optimized ads that fuse Accelerated Mobile Pages with HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) to dynamically deliver ad creatives that are lighter, faster, and more secure. You can trace their roots to Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) project, which rolled out in 2015 to give mobile […]

What is a PPID? The Ultimate Guide To Publisher Provided Identifiers 2022

PPID stands for publisher-provided identifier. They are encrypted alphanumeric distinguishers that publishers or website owners allocate to users in order to identify the user. Publishers typically assign a PPID to a single logged-in user or a single identified user. The actual PPID value is unique and set by the publisher. While PPIDs have been around […]

Snigel Ranked in FT List Of Europe’s Fastest-Growing Companies

Snigel Recognized By The Financial Times As One Of Europe’s Fastest-Growing Companies For The Second Consecutive Year Snigel, an award-winning advertising technology company, has been ranked #820 in the Financial Times list of the 1000 fastest-growing European companies in 2022. Snigel provides sophisticated monetization solutions including header bidding and native video to help the world’s […]

What Are Web Cookies: A Comprehensive Guide

Have you ever noticed the next time you visit a website you browsed previously, it logs you in automatically? Or when you’re shopping online and adding items to your cart, you still find them there when you leave the website and return later? You may have also wondered why you’re looking at ads for Nike […]

The Ultimate Guide To Google Open Bidding

Google Open Bidding enables publishers to invite demand partners to a unified, server-to-server auction to bid for impressions. Previously known as Exchange Bidding in Dynamic Allocation (EBDA), Open Bidding operates in Ad Manager and offers reporting, trafficking, and billing. This guide explores how Open Bidding works, its benefits, and how it differs from header bidding. […]

What Is A Supply Side Platform And How Does It Work? Best SSPs in 2022

Supply Side Platforms (SSP) manage the programmatic ecosystem’s ever-expanding number of AdTech platforms and variables. Changing fill rates, yields, price floors, and brand safety would be impossible without these wholly automated platforms. Nowadays, there is no sizable online publisher out there who doesn’t utilize the benefits of SSPs. Like anything else in the programmatic advertising […]

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