Snigel Partner Networks

Below is a list of partner networks and their respective privacy policies where you can exercise the rights consistent with your jurisdiction:

GoogleLink Here
AmazonLink Here
Rubicon Project + TelariaLink Here
PubmaticLink Here
Index ExchangeLink Here
CriteoLink Here
District MLink Here
OpenXLink Here
TripleliftLink Here
ConversantLink Here
EMX DigitalLink Here
TeadsLink Here
ConnectAdLink Here
NoBidLink Here
AppMonetLink Here
33acrossLink Here
AdagioLink Here
BrightcomLink Here
CarambolaLink Here
Media.NETLink Here
Unruly/RhythmOne Link Here
VerizonLink Here
Xandr/AppnexusLink Here
YieldLabLink Here
OneTagLink Here
SharethroughLink Here
SmartLink Here
SonobiLink Here
SovrnLink Here
SpotXLink Here
SynacorLink Here
ImproveDigitalLink Here
PrimisLink Here
Avanits VideoLink Here
AniviewLink Here
ConnatixLink Here
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