Ben Rycroft

Ben is one of Snigel's Co-CEO. He works on business development and marketing - spreading the word about how Snigel can help publishers supercharge their ad revenue.


Is your Site Ready for TCF 2.0?

Important note: TCF v.2.2 was launched early 2023, requiring CMPs to implement the new policies and specifications by November 20, 2023. As of January 2024, publishers using AdSense, Ad Manager, or AdMob to serve ads in the EEA or the UK will need to use a CMP that is Google certified and TCF compliant. Snigel’s […]

How to Choose a CMP (Consent Management Platform)

What are the pros and cons to using a Consent Management Platform? How do they work? Which CMPs should you choose for your website? This guide will show you how to choose a Consent Management Platform that is up-to-date with industry standards. Why are publishers using CMPs? A CMP helps website owners comply with data […]

Google AdX vs AdSense (2023) Which Is Best For Your Site?

Google AdX and Google AdSense are the two main digital advertising platforms from Google for publishers. Both platforms enable website owners to monetize their traffic, so what’s the difference and what’s why are so many publishers switching? Knowing which platform to use will save you time, development resources, and late-night headaches. Best of all, it […]

Google MCM (Multiple Customer Management) in 2023 : Definitive Guide

Google MCM Program (Multiple Customer Management) lets publishers access Google Ad Exchange through a 3rd party. It is the replacement for Google SPM (Scaled Partner Management) and a tool for publishers to increase their ad revenue and gain deeper insight into their Ad Exchange performance. This guide will cover the differences between MCM and SPM […]

10 Best Alternatives To Third Party Cookies (2023) Definitive Guide

Recent IAB research found that publishers could lose up to $10 billion in ad revenue when third party cookies are deprecated. In addition, Google reports that publishers stand to lose 50-70% of their revenue without a new approach to audience data. Alternatives to third party cookies enable advertisers and publishers to target users with ID […]

How To Monetize With Google Web Stories Ads (2023)

In this blog post, we will take a closer look at Google Web Stories, what they are, and how publishers can monetize them to earn additional income from their websites. Whether you are a blogger, publisher, or small business owner, Google Web Stories can be a powerful tool to engage your audience and generate revenue. […]

AdSense Revenue Calculator Tool: Estimate Your Earnings (2023)

Snigel’s free AdSense revenue calculator enables you to estimate how much revenue or earnings your website will generate with Google AdSense and Header Bidding. Your AdSense earning will depend on many factors including site layout, number of ad units, audience demographics, seasonality, content niche, and ad viewability. As a result, it is difficult to get […]

11 Ways To Improve First Contentful Paint (FCP)

Your first contentful paint score can be improved by serving your content faster and optimizing the resources required to load your pages. You can do this by using a faster server, CDN, caching, reducing your DOM size, hosting your fonts locally, and eliminating render-blocking resources. Google’s First Contentful Paint (FCP) score aims to measure page […]

Client Side vs Server Side Header Bidding: The Definitive Guide (2023)

Server side header bidding and client-side header bidding are the two primary header bidding technologies. While both enable website owners to monetize their traffic, they provide distinct pros and cons. Knowing which one to use on your website, can improve your ad revenue and user experience. What is Server-Side Header Bidding? Server-side header bidding, also […]

Ad Revenue Calculator

Snigel’s ad revenue calculator helps you find out how much revenue you could generate with Google AdSense and Header Bidding. Our ad revenue calculator uses data from Google on region, category, and pageviews to calculate the total estimated ad revenue. Your ad revenue will depend on many factors including site layout, number of ad units, […]

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