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Snigel Becomes An Official AMP Supported Vendor

Snigel has been announced as an official AMP supported vendor by The AMP Project. As a result, publishers can now seamlessly add Snigel’s programmatic advertising technology to AMP websites. This certification is the result of months of work from Snigel’s technology team who continue to deliver new solutions to maximize ad revenue for publishers. Snigel’s team will continue to work closely with The AMP Project to improve ad serving and ad revenue without compromising on page load speed.

“Our technology team continues to simultaneously improve user experience and ad revenue for our publisher partners. Earlier this year we invested in a dedicated Core Web Vitals engineer to help our partners improve their SERP rankings. Now we’re ready to offer an AMP solution that delivers lightning fast page load speed and a strong increase in ad revenue. This is a win-win for publishers and users alike,” said Snigel’s Managing Director, Peter Gallagher.

To get started with Snigel’s AMP solution, contact our adops experts here.

What is AMP?

AMP is an open source HTML framework developed by The AMP Project. It was originally developed by Google as a competitor to Facebook Instant Articles and Apple News. AMP is optimized for mobile web browsing and helps web pages load faster.

Why do websites use AMP?

The key benefit of AMP is page speed. AMP streamlines the information exchange with browsers, and uses stripped down HTML copies of existing web pages to create a faster and more efficient user experience.

What is AMP Real Time Config (RTC)?

AMP Real Time Config (RTC) is a feature of Fast Fetch that allows Publishers to add targeting information to their ad requests. RTC allows up to 5 callouts to targeting servers for each individual ad slot, the results of which are added to the ad request.

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Ben is Snigel's Sales Director. He works on business development and marketing - spreading the word about how Snigel can help publishers supercharge their ad revenue.


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