How Snigel helped DeviceTests increase their ad revenue by 180% year-on-year

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DeviceTests is the go-to destination for comprehensive reviews, articles, and tests of computer hardware, software, and accessories. They reached out to Snigel to improve their ad revenue, ad quality, and user experience while transitioning from a competing solution.


DeviceTests aimed to achieve a well-rounded ad setup that not only maximizes revenue but also maintains an exceptional user experience, strong Core Web Vitals, and promotes growth in site traffic. The key objectives included:

  • Optimize The Ad Setup: Effectively use available ad space to boost revenue potential while preserving user experience.
  • Maintain/Improve Site Speed: Guarantee a lightweight and fast ad setup, ensuring a seamless experience for visitors.
  • Scale With Growth: Leverage increasing site traffic to drive proportional growth in ad revenue.
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The primary challenge encountered while enhancing the ad setup on the DeviceTests website revolved around allocating high-quality demand. Our team had to find and secure premium advertising demand for a publisher that was relatively small at the time of joining, with the goal of ensuring ad revenue growth without negatively impacting the user experience. Additionally, we needed to avoid too many demand partners or longer auction timeouts, which could affect the site’s page load speed.

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Snigel collaborated with DeviceTests to implement a range of optimizations, including:

  • Lazy-loading: Introduce lazy-loading to efficiently load ads as users scroll through the site, increasing revenue without compromising on viewability or user experience.
  • In-content ad containers: Expand the height of in-content ad containers, creating temporary “sticky” units that remain visible as users scroll down, providing increased ad exposure without being intrusive.
  • Adhesive units, price floors, and SSR (Snigel Smart Refresh): Utilize adhesive units that stick to the user’s viewport, AI-optimized price floors to maximize revenue, and SSR to intelligently refresh ads for enhanced performance and revenue generation.

In addition, we bolstered demand by presenting DeviceTests to our established network of 40 SSP partners. By doing so, we made sure the site was considered for premium ad campaigns, leading to an increase in demand and a corresponding boost in ad revenue.

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By leveraging Snigel’s cutting-edge technology and increasing its traffic by 13%, DeviceTests experienced an impressive 180% YoY revenue growth from March 2022 to March 2023. Snigel’s expertise enabled to successfully boost ad revenue, enhance ad quality, and improve user experience, reinforcing their reputation as a reliable source for technology enthusiasts.

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Our partnership with Snigel has led to positive results for DeviceTests. We’ve experienced a considerable rise in ad revenue. Snigel’s strategies have effectively allowed us to maintain a healthy balance between ad revenue and user experience. Their services have proven to be both valuable and successful.
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