A Comprehensive Guide to 10 BuySellAds Alternatives for Publishers and Advertisers

A Comprehensive Guide to 10 BuySellAds Alternatives for Publishers and Advertisers

Most publishers look for BuySellAds alternatives because:

  • They’ve been rejected by BuySellAds. It could be because they don’t meet traffic requirements, the ad network doesn’t serve their vertical well, or another reason.
  • They find setting up BuySellAds too complex, or they want a more managed service.
  • They’ve heard that they can get higher CPMs and better payment terms elsewhere.
  • They are unhappy with the customer support and account management.

Similarly, if you’re an advertiser, you may also be searching for alternatives to BuySellAds. For instance, you may want to access more diverse audiences for your ads or get better results on your ad campaigns.

In this guide, we share how Snigel works as an ad monetization solution that allows publishers to maximize revenue by implementing a custom, AI-powered ad strategy and ad setup. Then, we share 4 more BuySellAds alternatives for publishers, as well as 5 for advertisers.

Snigel is a Google Certified Publishing Partner that connects publishers to 40+ of the best SSPs. With our dedicated ad experts and our suite of AI-powered ad tech, we can help you maximize your ad revenue. Get in touch for a free assessment.

Snigel: A Google-Certified Publishing Partner for Full-Service Customized Ad Monetization

Snigel homepage: Unleash the Power of AI for Unmatched Monetization

Snigel is a header bidding partner that helps you maximize your ad revenue by giving you full control over your ad strategy and access to advanced, AI-powered ad tech. Plus, you’ll have full control over the ads that appear on your site.

BuySellAds is known for giving publishers the ability to set CPMs themselves, as well as giving full approval over specific ad creatives. However, it typically requires regular adjustments (as often as every hour) of your floor prices and other CPM settings to truly maximize your revenue. Since BuySellAds only offers a self-serve platform, you need to manage all these settings and your strategy yourself. For many publishers, this can make it really hard to get started and achieve the best results.

In contrast, Snigel provides you with access to a dedicated team of ad operations specialists who manage your entire ad setup for you. They’ll give you strategic guidance over ad layout, the supply-side platforms (SSPs) to connect to, and more — but the final decision is up to you. We have 10+ years of experience working with sites across many different verticals, including technology, gaming, education, music, and more. That said, we take a highly customized approach to every site and ad setup, allowing us to help publishers in any niche.

Here, we break down 3 key features that Snigel offers:

  • Access to the ad networks and SSPs that maximize your site’s revenue
  • Advanced AI-powered ad tech to balance high CPMs with optimal core web vitals
  • Proactive, hands-on strategic and technical support.

Snigel Provides Access to the Right Ad Networks and SSPs for Your Site

Snigel uses our own advanced header bidding solution, AdEngine, to connect publishers to all major advertising demand sources. These include Google AdX, OpenX, Amazon, Index Exchange, ConnectAd, and many more. This means you’ll get the highest CPM that any advertiser — across all of your SSPs — is willing to pay.

Snigel advertising partners: Transparent Ad Marketplace, AppNexus, Verizon Media, TripleLift, Rubicon Project, PubMatic, OpenX, Index Exchange, Amazon Publisher Services, Google Ad Manager 360

While BuySellAds also offers header bidding, Snigel provides additional AI-powered ad tech and proactive dedicated account management that helps publishers squeeze more out of every impression. We provide more details about our ad tech and account management in the next sections.

Advanced, AI-Powered Ad Tech

Snigel’s ad stack was designed to be fully customizable so that you get the best setup for your website. Not only is the ad tech customizable, but you can also have different setups for different devices and GEOs for the same webpage, which allows you to maximize revenue. Snigel’s ad stack includes:

  • AI bidder optimization. This enables faster ad load speeds by using both client- and server-side header bidding. It also connects you to the best bidders for the user’s location. AI bidder optimization can increase your revenue by up to 7%.
  • Adaptive ads. These automatically fill ad space with the size of ads that produce the highest revenue — so you don’t have to set CPMs yourself. For instance, two small ads paying $1 each will bring more revenue than one large ad for $1.50. Adaptive ads can increase your revenue by 10–30%.
  • Super adhesive ads. Display large ads in small spaces with ad tech that moves the ad along as the user scrolls. As larger ads typically attract higher CPMs, this can increase your revenue by up to 20%.
  • Dynamic floor pricing. Again, rather than manually setting CPMs, Snigel’s AI automatically adjusts your floor prices, to give you higher CPMs and fill your ad inventory. Dynamic floor pricing can increase revenue by over 5%.
  • Interactive ad units. Engage the user for longer by inviting them to fill out a poll, take a short quiz, or click through the ad. You can access higher CPMs with interactive ads as users tend to look at them for longer. Typically, interactive ad units can increase revenue by up to 3%.
  • Smart refresh. Rather than displaying just a single ad in any given ad space, smart refresh lets you display multiple ads, one after the other, for as long as the user stays on the page. For instance, if a user changes tabs or scrolls down, smart refresh will display a new ad. Smart refresh can increase your revenue by 6%.
  • Adblock revenue recovery. This technology automatically switches between high-paying ad formats and adblock compliant ads. This way, you’ll always get some revenue from your traffic. Adblock revenue recovery can increase your revenue by 10+%.
  • AdStream. Our native video ad solution lets you display high-quality native video ads without slowing down page performance. Publishers who use AdStream can increase their revenue by 23%.
  • And much more.

Not every ad technology is right for every site, depending on your page layout, user location, and vertical. Before we implement any technology, we’ll select the right solution for your specific needs. Then, we’ll handle the whole setup and troubleshoot that tech, if necessary.

Hands-On Strategic and Technical Support Led by Your Goals & Needs

With Snigel, you get specialist ad management from our dedicated ad ops experts.

They’ll work with you to build a custom ad strategy, based on your audience, site, and goals. And they’ll implement that strategy for you. That means that you don’t need to set up your ads or CPMs, or select your ad formats or layouts at all — as you would with self-serve platforms.

Typically, to get the best results with self-serve platforms, you need technical knowledge, deep experience with a variety of ad setups, and the time and resources to commit to optimizing and A/B testing your specific setup. Most publishers just don’t have this experience or time, meaning they can’t access their full revenue potential.

Instead, Snigel’s ad ops managers provide that experience and expertise. We’ll choose the right ad tech for your setup and run A/B tests to ensure you’re not missing out on any revenue. Then, we’ll continually monitor your site for any technical bugs or revenue opportunities over time.

Snigel Pricing and Payouts

Snigel runs on an 80/20 revenue share model, meaning that you’ll receive 80% of all the revenue you make on your ads. This includes your ad ops specialists.

When publishers make the switch to Snigel, they see a 57% increase in revenue, on average.

There are also no commitments with Snigel, meaning you can leave at any time. Simply try our service for free on 5–10% of your traffic to get started.

Snigel’s Eligibility Requirements

Because we use a custom approach to every site, we’re open to work with publishers in any niche including tech, gaming, education, music, auto and more.

Our requirements for partnership are that you earn $50 a day from your ads. This typically equates to 10,000 monthly pageviews. Again, we’re willing to work with smaller publishers if they have a high growth potential.

Snigel Reviews

Here are a few customer reviews from the popular software review site, TrustPilot:

Snigel review on Trustpilot: Burak Ö - Great company and support

Snigel review on Trustpilot: Philippe Desgranges - They just care

Snigel review on Trustpilot: Arpit Mandliya - Happy Snigel Publisher

To see how Snigel can help you squeeze every dollar out of your ad inventory, get in touch with our team.

4 More BuySellAds Alternatives for Publishers

1. Google AdSense: Ad Monetization for Smaller Publishers

Google AdSense homepage: We value your content

AdSense is Google’s platform that allows smaller publishers to display programmatic ads using Google’s ad demand. While AdSense is an easy option for publishers, you can also access all Google’s advertisers and 40+ more through Snigel.

Google’s solution is known for offering good returns for small businesses and beginners in display advertising. You can find out how much you can earn with AdSense with our AdSense revenue calculator. To get started, all you need to do is create an account and add a bit of code to your site. Then, you can customize where you put your ads.

What makes Google stand out is that it doesn’t require you to have a majority of your traffic from tier 1 GEOs, as many other advertising networks do. This makes it a particularly good option for publishers in tier 3 GEOs.

Learn more: 

Google AdSense Pricing and Payouts

Publishers receive 68% of the revenue they get through AdSense. Google takes the remaining 32%.

Google AdSense Eligibility

To be eligible for AdSense, you have to meet Google’s publisher policies. These simply stipulate that you need to be 18 years or older and have a site over 3 months old that gets consistent traffic. There are no minimum requirements for pageviews.

2. Monumetric: Self-Serve Ad Management for Bloggers

Monumetric homepage: Pursue Your Passion, Profitably

Monumetric is an ad platform that’s aimed at Wordpress users and other bloggers.

Like BuySellAds, it’s a self-serve platform, meaning that you have to handle all the setup and configurations yourself. Monumetric’s team will regularly audit your site to help you find areas to improve. However, you’ll need to implement any changes yourself, unless you pay for a higher plan.

Monumetric offers 4 plans with varying levels of technical support and different ad tech. For instance, with the basic “Propel” plan, you’ll get video and native ads. But at the higher “Apollo” tier you’ll also get custom ads for mobile and desktop.While it can be difficult to decide which plan is the right fit for you, the range of choice and pricing does make Monumetric a flexible option.

Find out more about Monumetric and how it compares to other ad platforms: Monumetric vs Mediavine vs Snigel: Choosing the Best Fit for You

Monumetric Pricing and Payouts

Monumetric’s pricing depends on the specific plan that you’re on. Revenue share agreements start from a 70/30 deal, meaning you get 70% of ad revenue. If you’re on the basic “Propel” plan, there’s an additional $99 setup fee.

There are no contractual lock-ins, though, so you can leave at any time.

Monumetric Eligibility

To be eligible to work with Monumetric, you need to match a minimum amount of monthly pageviews and a specific sidebar width. You also need to meet other requirements regarding where your traffic comes from and the number of ads you have on your site.

These requirements all differ depending on the specific plan. For example, “Propel” has a monthly pageview requirement of 10,000, while the highest plan requires 10 million monthly views.

3. Media.net: Programmatic Ads for Technically-Skilled Publishers

Media.net homepage: Are you ready to maximize your revenue?

Media.net is Yahoo! Bing’s display ad network for desktop, mobile, and apps. You can run a variety of ads on this platform, including context, display, and native advertising. Plus, you can view metrics on their performance all on a single dashboard.

While it’s the product of Yahoo! Bing, you’re not limited to demand just from their ad server. Media.net has a header bidding solution, meaning you can access ads from a range of SSPs.

While Media.net provides support for any problems you may have with your ad functionality, they don’t help you to add additional ad tech or features. This means that you will need to have the technical skills and experience to implement this yourself.

Because of this, Media.net is more often used as an SSP rather than as an all-round ad monetization solution.

Media.net pricing and payouts

Media.net does not publicly display its revenue share agreements. Get in touch with their team directly for pricing information.

Media.net eligibility

To work with Media.net, publishers need to have a minimum of 10,000 monthly pageviews.

Read more: Monetizing Your Site with Media.net vs AdSense vs Snigel

4. Ezoic: DIY Header Bidding with No Minimum Traffic Requirements

Ezoic homepage: Intelligent Technology for Exceptional Content

Ezoic is another self-serve solution for publishers. While it has a range of products and tools to help you source, test, and manage your ads, you’ll have to do it all yourself.

This is true across most of Ezoic’s various plans. The only support that’s guaranteed across all of its plans is access to online tutorials, FAQ materials, and online chat and forums.

That said, this allows the entry-level plan to be very affordable, making it a potentially good option for small websites that don’t meet other platforms’ entry requirements. However, most publishers will likely find the lack of customization and support quite limiting.

Read more: A Detailed Comparison of the Top Ezoic Competitors

Ezoic Pricing and Payouts

Ezoic’s Standard plan operates on a 10% revenue share model, meaning that you theoretically get 90% of total revenue. However, reviews suggest that there are often additional fees for some services and features.

You can start all Ezoic plans for free, with the free trial. However, the Premium plan locks you into a year-long contract. That means that if it doesn’t bring results, it can nonetheless be hard to switch to an alternative partner.

Ezoic Eligibility

Each Ezoic plan has different eligibility requirements. For instance, the basic package has no minimum pageviews. But on other plans, you will need over 10,000 monthly pageviews to join.

Ezoic also serves any vertical or type of website that matches the above requirements.

5 Alternatives to BuySellAds for Advertisers

If you’re an advertiser looking for BuySellAds alternatives, you’ll be more interested in how ad networks provide you with a relevant audience, advanced ad technology, and robust reporting features. Here are 5 options you can try:

1. Xandr: Cross-channel advertising by Microsoft.

Xandr offers advertisers omnichannel advertising opportunities, across display, native, video, connected TV (including Netflix), and digital-out-of-home (DOOH) ad formats.

Like BuySellAds, Xandr uses consumer data on search intent and browsing history to deliver contextual advertising to the audience demographics you’re interested in.

2. Index Exchange: Ad exchange, SSP, and DSP.

Index Exchange has many different services for advertisers including an intelligence engine which automatically connects you to auctions with relevant traffic, a supply quality team who vets inventory to ensure it’s high-quality, tools for making audience-based purchases at scale, and more.

Index Exchange supports display, video, CTV, mobile and native ad inventory.

3. Infolinks: Real-time contextual targeting.

Infolinks’ advertising platform specializes in determining the intent of the audience in order to place ads where users are most likely to be interested in them. They do this with tools that identify whether the user came from search or social media and by identifying relevant keywords within the content.

Infolinks supports multiple ad formats that are designed for high viewability and exclusive ad placements with premium publishers.

4. The Trade Desk: Access to global, premium ad inventory.

Another self-service option for digital advertising, The Trade Desk, uses AI and automation to help you meet ad campaign goals. The automated system is really sophisticated. You can set your preferred channels, KPIs, and business objectives, and the AI provides a strategy.

Overall, the focus is on premium publishers that will display your ads. It works with audiences worldwide, to ensure your ads are shown to people relevant to your brand.

5. AdRoll: A DSP for advertisers who want simplicity.

With AdRoll, ad delivery is completely automated, using consumer data and AI. All you need to do as an advertiser is to set up your ad creative and a landing page and AdRoll does the rest.

While this does mean you have limited control over where your ads end up, it provides a much simpler online advertising experience for advertisers.

Choose Snigel for Full-Service Ad Management for Publishers

There are many options out there for publishers and advertisers looking for BuySellAds alternatives. But if you’re a publisher looking for a full-service, customizable header bidding platform, Snigel is your best choice.

By combining advanced ad tech with expert support in ad operations and strategy, Snigel creates and manages your custom ad setup on your behalf. This way, you can maximize your revenue and provide your audience with an optimal user experience — without having to manage your ads yourself.

To see how we can help you grow your revenue, get in touch.

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